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What's a kletskop?

1st edition Kletskoppen The Hague, Sunday 29th September 2019

On Sunday September 29th we had a special edition of Kletskoppen in the library in The Hague. Of course we presented lots of fun language games and experiments, but also on the porgramme were Dikkie Dik, children’s author Annemarie Bon, rapper Tyler Koudijzer and Ajouad El Miloudi. A complete overview of the programme you can find here.
See the photo report that Gerrit de Heus made on this fun day!

The next edition of Kletskoppen in Nijmegen will be on February 29th, 2020. But that’s still so far away, so more information about that will follow later.

In the meantime, you can of course still look back at our 2018 edition. You can find an overview of the programme below. Don’t forget to take a look at the pictures and the aftermovie! Or take a look at the articles in de Gelderlander and on Kennislink (both in Dutch).

Edition The Hague

The wonderful world of mouth and ear
The Word Factory
Annemarie Bon - workshop creative writing
Dikkie Dik and the cake - performance
miffy at the seaside – multilingual book reading
Presentation: Ajouad El Miloudi
Playing with language - children's lecture
Rapping with Tyler Koudijzer – performance
What do you say?

Programme 2018

At Kletskoppen you could join in on loads of exciting activities: we had interactive demonstrations of scientific experiments, informative language games, surprising children’s lectures, crash courses in foreign languages, multilingual book readings and much more! See below for an overview.

The wonderful world of mouth and ear
One word, two languages
The Handy Language Game
How many languages do you know?
Behind the scenes of reading
When language doesn’t speak for itself - Children's lecture
Seeing sounds – create your own soundwave name tag!
nijntje goes cycling – performance
Crash course Japanese
Thijs Goverde – closing act


The second edition of Kletskoppen on 27th October 2018 was a beautiful, busy and succesful day. See below (or click here) for a photo report of the festival by Valerie van Hazendonk and Laura Luca (Jabber).
Also the Kletskoppen edition in The Hague on 29th September 2019 was a great day. Gerrit de Heus made a nice photo report.


In the period preceding the previous edition of Kletskoppen in 2018, we shared some sneak peek videos of the demonstrations that you could see at the festival. And we made an aftermovie. See below! (in Dutch).

Aftermovie Kletskoppen 2018
Ik lees en zie wat jij niet ziet!
Klanken zien
Zie je waar ik kijk?
Een woord, twee talen
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