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What's a kletskop?

Save the date!

Attention babblers, twaddlers and ramblers of all ages! After the successful first edition last year, the second edition of Kletskoppen Kindertaalfestival will be held on Saturday 27 October 2018. During this science day at the central library De Mariënburg in Nijmegen children and their (grand)parents can discover the science behind the way we learn to communicate with language. Language researchers from Radboud University and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics organize hands-on activities, interactive demonstrations and informative talks about how children learn to talk.

Last year Kletskoppen saw eight hundred visitors, three hundred of which were children. Special guests were author of childrens’ books Jaap Robben and illustrator Benjamin Leroy. See below for a review.

We are working hard to plan this year’s activities. Keep an eye on this website and our facebook page or twitter account for updates!

Kletskoppen 2017

What a wonderful day of language fun was Kletskoppen!

You could teach a parrot to talk, invent a new word at the Word Factory, learn sign language and loads more at Kletskoppen, the first child language festival in the Netherlands, which attracted more than 800 visitors, at least 300 of whom were children. It was a day for young and old, about child language and how children learn their first language (or languages), and a day about language for children.

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