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What's a kletskop?

Kletskoppen – 27 October 2018 – Central Library De Mariënburg, Nijmegen

Do you know what happens in your head when you learn to speak, or when you learn a second language? Or what exactly goes wrong when reading is difficult?

During the second edition of Kletskoppen language researchers from the Radboud University and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics will show you in a playful way how language works. They will be waiting for you with interactive demonstrations, surprising children’s lectures and crash courses in foreign languages. There will be multilingual book readings, crafting with words and much more… See below for an overview of the programme.

Kletskoppen is a fun and informative science day for the whole family. Join us on Saturday 27 October 2018 at Central Library De Mariënburg in Nijmegen. We start at 9.30 hrs, but you can come in whenever you want. Entrance is free!

Programme 2018

At Kletskoppen you can join in on loads of exciting activities: we have interactive demonstrations of scientific experiments, informative language games, surprising children’s lectures, crash courses in foreign languages, multilingual book readings and much more! See below for an overview.

The wonderful world of mouth and ear
One word, two languages
The Handy Language Game
How many languages do you know?
Behind the scenes of reading
When language doesn’t speak for itself - Children's lecture
Seeing sounds – create your own soundwave name tag!
nijntje goes cycling – performance
Crash course Japanese
Thijs Goverde – closing act

Sneak peeks

In the period preceding the festival, we'll share some sneak peek videos of the demonstrations that you can see at the festival. Every week a new one! See below (in Dutch).

Ik lees en zie wat jij niet ziet!
Klanken zien
Zie je waar ik kijk?
Een woord, twee talen
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