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What's a kletskop?

Kletskoppen 2020 - what a day!

Wow, what a day it was! On Saturday 29th February the third Nijmegen edition of Kletskoppen took place in the Mariënburg Library. It was a great day with lots of new and surprising language games, experiments, performances, workshops and reading sessions. And many, many happy children and parents!

Do you want to see how it was, or enjoy the day all over again? Watch the aftermovie or see the beautiful photos. Or read the Kletskrant (in Dutch), made on the spot by children visiting the festival.

For an overview of what you could do at the festival see here.

Look here for an interview with Chief-Kletskop Sharon Unsworth in De Gelderlander (in Dutch), two days before the festival. After the festival she was interviewed for the VPRO-Gids. And of course there was the promotion movie of Confidans.

Programme 2020

We had lots of new and exciting activities this year. Take a look and see what you could do.

Dikkie Dik and the pie - performance
Snatch and match
Game of the senses
Jabber - workshop nonsense and body language
Kletskrant – for curious children
On a language safari in Africa
Pim Lammers - reading session
Language race for brains: Young or old, who will win gold?
Who’s banana is it?
Build your own book world in Virtual Reality

Previous editions

We had previous editions of Kletskoppen in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Look here for all photos, after movies and reports!


This is what Kletskoppen 2020 looked like! See here the beautiful photos of Marcel Krijgsman.

(NB. We have done our best to take into account the wishes of visitors who didn't want to be photographed. Are you, or your child, still in a photo? Please let us know ( then we will of course delete the photo.


Emiel Janssen of Oogdruk Twaalf made a beautiful aftermovie of Kletskoppen 2020, see below!

See also the promotion movie of Kletskoppen 2020 by dance school Confidans and an announcement of the festival in sign language.

And further: the aftermovies of Kletskoppen Den Haag in 2019 and of Kletskoppen 2018, and some sneak peek videos of the demonstrations that you could see at the festival in 2018 (in Dutch).

Aftermovie Kletskoppen 2020
Promotiefilm Kletskoppen 2020 - Confidans
Kletskoppen 2020 NGT
Aftermovie Kletskoppen Den Haag
Aftermovie Kletskoppen 2018
Ik lees en zie wat jij niet ziet!
Klanken zien
Zie je waar ik kijk?
Een woord, twee talen

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