Kletskoppen The Hague

Sunday 29th September 2019
12.00 – 17.00 uur
Library The Hague, Spui 68
Free entry

At Kletskoppen you could join in with loads of exciting activities: we had interactive demos of scientific experiments and informative language games, poetry and rap workshops, multilingual book readings with miffy (nijntje in Dutch) and much, much more! See below for an overview. See also the timetable.

Many activities were about multilingualism and were therefore also accessible for children who don’t speak Dutch very well.

Do you want to know how it went? See the article that Nemo Kennislink wrote about the festival, take a look at the pictures by Gerrit de Heus, or see the aftermovie.

Kletskoppen The Hague was organised in cooperation with de Bibliotheek Den Haag and was funded by the Nationale Wetenschapsagenda.


If you like to roll up your sleeves yourself and want to find out what language experiments look like, you can let yourself go with us. Below you find an overview of interactive scientific demonstrations and surprising language games you can join. Discover the scientist in yourself!

5 years and over
The colour of language
2 years and over / 6 years and over
The wonderful world of mouth and ear
9 years and over
The Word Factory
4 years and over
One word, two languages
8-12 years
How quickly can you learn new words?
6 years and over
How many languages do you know?
For fluent readers
Behind the scenes of reading
2 years and over
Seeing sounds – create your own soundwave name tag!
all ages
Multilingual photo booth
3-6 years and 6-9 years
On a bear hunt: words, dance and meaning
4-12 years
5 years and over
Bilingual Memory
6 months and over
Can you see where I'm looking?
4 years and over
Kletshead of the week - podcast
6 years and over
What do you say?

Learn about language

Do you want to know more about how language works? Or why there are so many languages in the world? Tips and tricks about raising bilingual children or how best to read with children? Come and listen and talk to our experts. Fun and informative for children as well as (grand)parents!

Meet the expert – Raising your child bilingually, how do you do that?
Meet the expert – Reading with your child, how do you do that?
8 years and over
Get creative with language - Quiz
9-12 years
Coder Dojo – learn programming computers
2 - 6 years
Can you ‘speak’ sign language? - workshop
Meet the expert – My child is talking weird. Should I worry?
8 years and over
Playing with language - children's lecture

Listen and read

Performances of a rapper and an author of children’s books, a musical play, reading with your baby and (multilingual) book readings. Come watch, listen and join in!

5 years and over
Annemarie Bon - book reading
0 years and over
BookStart – read together with your baby
2 years and over
Dikkie Dik and the cake - performance
2-4 years
Mini Lectores – book reading in Spanish
all ages
miffy at the seaside – multilingual book reading
all ages
miffy goes cycling – multilingual book reading
Presentation: Ajouad El Miloudi
all ages
Rapping with Tyler Koudijzer – performance
all ages
Story dress


Come and join us for rapping, writing, dancing or crafting!

3 years and over
9-12 years
Annemarie Bon - workshop creative writing
8 years and over
Create your own book vlog
9-12 years
Rapping with Tyler Koudijzer – workshop
6 years and over
Cooking words with Fox and Hare
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