Dikkie Dik and the pie - performance

It’s Dikkie Dik’s birthday. On the table is a big pie. Dikkie Dik takes a bite. That’s good! He takes another bite, and another one… Stop, Dikkie Dik, you’re going to be sick! But Dikkie Dik doesn’t listen… The pie is gone and Dikkie Dik has to go and find milk, eggs and apples for a new apple pie. But naughty and curious as Dikkie Dik is, everything goes wrong. Can the party even go on? Will there be pie for Dikkie Dik’s friends?

Dikkie Dik and the pie is a small, atmospheric musical performance, with lots of opportunities to sing a long and shout. The story is told around a gigantic book with original Dikkie Dik-drawings by Jet Boeke and is performed by actress and singer Joes Boonen, known from children’s channel Nickelodeon.

9:30 - 10:15

2 years and over


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