Crash course Russian

Hi! Privet! Do you know the Dutch words stoel, trap, abrikoos, perzik, matras, doktor, soep, doerak? You may have thought that you don’t speak Russian, but these are just some of the Russian words you probably know already. There are more than a thousand Dutch words in the Russian language. They are very recognizable in Russian!

The Russian alphabet is not difficult and some of the letters are even the same as in the Dutch alphabet. And you don't need a perfect pronunciation to be able to make yourself understood in Russian. Do you want to learn more words in Russian and learn to write your name in Russian, too? Miss Natasha will be happy to teach you!

By Natasha Gabova-Mulder, Russian teacher at Radboud In’to Languages

14:45 - 15:30

6 years and over


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