Kletskoppen 2018

Saturday 27th October 2018
9.30 - 16.00
De Marienburg Library, Nijmegen

At Kletskoppen you could join in on loads of exciting activities: we had interactive demonstrations of scientific experiments, informative language games, surprising children’s lectures, crash courses in foreign languages, multilingual book readings and much more! See below for an overview.

Do you want to know how it went? Take a look at the photo's or the aftermovie, or read the report in de Gelderlander or on Kennislink.


If you like to roll up your sleeves yourself and want to find out what language experiments look like, you can let yourself go with us. Below you find an overview of interactive scientific demonstrations and surprising language games you can join. Discover the scientist in yourself!

5 years and over
The colour of language
7 years and over
The language of Roald Dahl
2 years and over / 6 years and over
The wonderful world of mouth and ear
9 years and over
The Word Factory
4 years and over
One word, two languages
3 years and over
English song-listening-learning-corner
2 - 6 years
Can you 'speak' sign language?
6 years and over
The Handy Language Game
Parents and children of all ages
How do you speak to your child?
8-12 years
How quickly can you learn new words?
6 years and over
How many languages do you know?
For fluent readers
Behind the scenes of reading
Parents and children of all ages
Cooing and babbling: how old am I?
2 years and over
Seeing sounds – create your own soundwave name tag!
all ages
Multilingual photo booth
6 years and over
Program your own robot
4-12 years
8 years and over
Get creative with language - Quiz
5 years and over
Bilingual Memory
6 months and over
Can you see where I'm looking?

Learn about language

Researchers from the Radboud University and the Max Planck Institute give several children’s lectures and we have crash courses in foreign languages. Fun and informative for children as well as (grand)parents!

A good start. The developing baby brain
9 years and over
A (little) head full of language - how can we measure that? - Children's lecture
10 years and over
How do we recognise words when someone speaks? - Children's lecture
9 years and over
When language doesn’t speak for itself - Children's lecture
9 years and over
Babies as wonders of language - Children's lecture
Meet the expert – Language development, how does that work?
Meet the expert – Raising your child bilingually, how do you do that?
Meet the expert – Reading with your child, how do you do that?
6 years and over
Crash course Japanese
6 years and over
Crash course Portugese
6 years and over
Crash course Swedish
9 years and over (monolingual of bilingual!)
Two languages, one head - Children's lecture

Listen and read

Performances of authors of children’s books, a musical play, sing-along songs from around the globe for the youngest children and (multilingual) book readings. Come watch, listen and join in!

4 years and over
Erik van Os – book reading
6 years and over
Jabber - performance
1.5 - 3 years
Sing-along songs from around the globe
2 years and over
nijntje goes cycling – performance
All ages
miffy goes cycling – multilingual book reading
6 years and over
Sssilent POET.
3 years and over
Language ambassadors’ book reading
All ages
Thijs Goverde – closing act
6 - 9 years
Thijs Goverde - book reading


Come and join us for writing poems, dancing or crafting with words!

9 years and over
Erik van Os - poetry writing workshop
3 years and over
3-6 years and 6-9 years
On a bear hunt: words, dance and meaning
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