nijntje goes cycling – performance

Actress and singer Marianne van Houten takes you on a journey with nijntje, who is off out on her bike for the day. nijntje is at home and feels like going out. She takes her bike and sets off. She cycles past the forest, the farm, the playground and to granddad and grandma Pluis.

nijntje goes cycling is based on different stories taken from the famous nijntje books. The performance takes place against a familiar backdrop in which the world of nijntje, nice songs and Dick Bruna’s iconic drawings play a surprising role.

Marianne van Houten graduated from the ArtEZ conservatory (vocals) and specialises in teaching and theatre for young children. She has followed various workshops, including clowning, improvisation and cabaret. Directly after graduating she started playing in different theatre productions for children. She also plays and writes her own productions for children.

9:30 - 10.00

2 years and over


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