In our heads we have all kinds of rules about language. This is how we know how to make sentences in the right way, in Dutch and in other languages we know. But how are those rules stored in our heads? And what happens if you know two or even more languages? Learn more about this during a game called 'Snap!'.
You play it in pairs. Each person has a pile of cards and you take turns picking up a card, saying what is on it and putting it down on the table. Are the two cards the same? Then you have to put your hand on them as quickly as possible and shout 'snap!'. Whoever has the most cards wins!
During the game your answers show how Dutch - and other languages - are stored in your head. So, are you fast and do you think you can beat us? Then we challenge you to a game of 'Snap!'.

Researchers involved: Chantal van Dijk, Elly Koutamanis, Sharon Unsworth, Gerrit Jan Kootstra en Christa van Mourik, Centre for Language Studies, Radboud University

All day

4-12 years

Bilingual Boulevard

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