Kletskoppen 2017

What a wonderful day of language fun was Kletskoppen!

You could teach a parrot to talk, invent a new word at the Word Factory, learn sign language and loads more at Kletskoppen, the first child language festival in the Netherlands, which attracted more than 800 visitors, at least 300 of whom were children. It was a day for young and old, about child language and how children learn their first language (or languages), and a day about language for children.

The day itself flew by, and what we'll remember most is happiness: happy children, happy parents and therefore happy organisers. There was lots of attention for our special guests: children's author Jaap Robben and illustrator Benjamin Leroy. Multilingual Story Time was also enthusiastically received: the multilingual children loved hearing the famous Eric Carle story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' in their home language, and the monolingual children took up the challenge of listening in Chinese, Limburgish, Italian, German, Greek and sign language. Parents weren't bored either: alongside taking part in one of the fourteen experiments at the Wetenschapsplein or Meertaligheidsplein, they could find out more during short lectures about language development and bringing up bilingual kids.

This is what you could do at Kletskoppen 2017

How kids are creative with language – Quiz
4-10 years
Sign Language: Show me your hands!
3-5 years
Will you help our talking lion to find the right movies?
For everyone!
How many languages do you know?
I spy with my little eye
For everyone!
Language learning with apps
For everyone!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Multilingual reading
The Word Factory
Word clouds

and loads more...

Jaap Robben and Benjamin Leroy were there!

We were very happy to welcome children's author Jaap Robben and illustrator Benjamin Leroy, who brought the stories of Suzie Ruzie to life in real time.

7 - 11 years
Als iemand ooit mijn botjes vindt: Reading session with live illustration
7-11 years
Make your own skeleton puppet
3 - 7 years
Suzie Ruzie: Reading session with live illustration
3-7 years
Turn yourself into a book character!

Many of the beautiful photos below were taken by Duncan de Fey.

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