Als iemand ooit mijn botjes vindt: Reading session with live illustration

Jaap Robben & Benjamin Leroy

Do you know what an avegaar, ulevel, and zefiertje is? They are disappearing words, Dutch words no one uses anymore! Jaap Robben, author of children’s books, has found some of these disappearing words and thought up funny stories with these words. They all sound like animals from a fairy-tale, so illustrator Benjamin Leroy has drawn funny drawings to go with the stories. We bet that this strange array of animals will not be forgotten!

During this reading session, Jaap will tell you about the disappearing-word-animals, while Benjamin will be drawing them on the spot, so that you will never forget them!


7 - 11 years


Suitable for children between 7 and 11 years. The reading session will be followed by an arts-and-crafts session where you can create your own skeleton puppet!

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