I spy with my little eye

Being able to read a text and understand it is a crucial skill in life, not only to be able to do well at school but also to be able to function properly in the world around us. To better understand how children learn to read, we make use of a special computer screen called an eye-tracker. In this demo, you’ll learn what an eye-tracker is and how it works. Without you noticing, the eye-tracker uses special sensors to measure your eye movements as you read. Most people think that when they’re reading, their eyes simply move from left to right moving from one word to the next but as you’ll discover in our demo, this simply isn’t the case. Come and read the text on the screen and find out what your eyes get up to when you’re reading,. If you are not able to read yet, you can still participate! For young children we have an alternative task: find the hidden-hippo-puzzle and we will show you how your eyes are moving while searching for hippos.

All day long!



Suitable for everyone aged 6 and older. This activity is led by Liza van den Bosch, PhD researcher at the Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University.

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