Language learning with apps

Would you like to play games and learn something about language at the same time?
Yvo is a board game on the iPad similar to Scrabble or Wordfeud, but instead of composing words with letters, you compose sentences with words. The players determine together whether a sentence is acceptable. Yvo is available for free in the App Store.
Have you always wanted to know what different languages sound like? Come and play LingQuest. You really need to pay attention and listen well. Are speakers actually speaking the same language or do the languages just sound the same? You can also find out about where languages are spoken and how many speakers a language has. LingQuest is available for free in the App Store and online — click here to start playing now already.
For people with synesthesia two or more senses appear to be interconnected; for example someone with synesthesia perceives certain concepts, such as letters or numbers, as inherently colored. The app SynQuiz contains four playful quizzes to find out whether you may have this type of synesthesia, i.e., for letters and numbers, days of the week, or months. SynQuiz is available for free in the App Store and in the Google Play Store.
Can you read already? Or are you still learning how to read at school? Letterprins is a fun game that helps you learning to read. It does not matter whether you think reading is easy or actually quite hard, Letterprins is developed for all kids in Grades 1 and 2. In the game, you help a prince (the Letter prince!) to find his way to a castle. Letterprins is available in the App Store and it costs €3,95.

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