The Word Factory

Do you ever feel zibbelish? On a wolty day? One of those days that makes you all coopless? Those words are weird, don’t you think - zibbelish, wolty, coopless. Did you know them? Probably not, because they’re hot off the presses of from the Word Factory. Still, you probably knew had a bit of an idea about what they meant. That’s because they’re smartly invented words, made invented by our experts. Do you also want to know how words are made, and maybe invent one yourself? Then come visit us at the Word Factory! Learn how new words are built in the School for Word Inventors, and try youra hand at it yourself in the Word Makery. If you’ve inventded a really great word, you can write it into The New Dictionary, and you can even get a certificate! See you at the Word Factory, the best place for ainship and dotery!

All day long!



This activity is suitable for children aged 7 and older. It is led by Henriette Raudszus, doctoral researcher at the Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University.

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